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first appointment with a psyciatrist this afternoon...

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--- Quote from: mitch777 on October 04, 2012, 08:31:39 AM ---i didn't check her closet Ann, but i suspect that red-headed vixen has lots of surprises in store. ;D

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Heh. Keep us posted. ;)

Mitch, glad you took the step to see someone, after realizing it would be beneficial.  And, I'm glad it went well. 

I think I was more at ease to discuss being gay and poz, because my therapist is also gay and has been seeing poz patients since the 80's.  I think I would actually like to sprawl out on the couch, but he has this antique couch that is not very 

My advice would be to use this time to talk about everything you want to talk about, and even the things you don't.  We often don't want to burden our friends and family with this stuff.  And, we don't want to seem like the world revolves around us, because it doesn't.  So, your therapy time is the time to have the world revolve around you.  I mean, unless a person already has an issue of being narcissistic.  ;)

Another bit of advice would be to not leave out details.  If there is some issue that you have fault in, acknowledge that.  I've learned to do that.  By examining things that I've done that may have contributed to an argument or distance with a loved one, I learn how I can hopefully change my behavior--even with very difficult people.  There was also a defining event in my life that I was too embarrassed to talk about.  It was only after several visits that I finally brought it up.  I finally decided that this event has had such an impact on my life, and makes up a big part of my problems, that it would be unfortunate not to discuss it.   

I know many of us go to discuss being poz and all that comes with that, but I've realized there are other topical things that come up that I would like to discuss.  At this point, I need to get back to the poz issue, because I have gotten side tracked with other issues.  Well, side tracked with other important issues. 


Hi!Im so glad that you took this step.I find that its easier to talk to someone who is not part of the family......When we bury thoughts they never go away, when we talk to someone....its a relief......all this from me....I said that  i would never do it and  i did!

All the best



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