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first appointment with a psyciatrist this afternoon...

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well, the stress, anxiety, and depression has finally got too much.

this will be new for me and i'm not really sure that i can open up to a complete stranger.
i don't think i have any issues discussing the "facts", such as my HIV status, but talking about emotions is another matter.
i tend to put on my happy face but think this would not be too productive, especially with a phyciatrist.
hope she is good and makes it easier for me.

do they really have a sofa in the room? :-\

should be interesting.


Hope you find it valuable.

If you think therapy can be useful, and the first session(s) with this one are not interesting, you might need to test another psychiatrist.  The first one you visit might not be a good match.

I think its only the headshrinkers who do old fashioned "psychoanalysis" who are still using the couch or divan.

You are placed in a confortable enviroment.
Just talk to him or her, as if you did with your best friend.
Remember, its costing money, so might as well get your mones worth.

So think every posssible thing you would like to tell him/her, it might be relevant.



I understand where you are coming from.

I am also considering making an appointment as I need to talk to someone objective.

I hope your session goes well.

thanks for the support!

i just got back from my appointment and it went great!
(no sofa, but 2 comphy chairs to choose from :))

she recognized me from work. (i have bearly worked the past 5 years) (self-employeed retail business that my hubby now runs) i didn't remember her. (brain fog)

she couldn't have made me feel more comfortable. yeah! :)

it was just a first visit, but i am encouraged that she will provide the help i need.

funny, but true:
when i got home i called her and left a message on her voicemail with the phone # of another one of my docs. i thanked her again and said "see you next tuesday".
(my next appointment) OOPS! hope she didn't catch that.

foot-in-mouth once again. tee hee.



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