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Started on meds today, one month after diagnosis. What was it like for you?

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So, just out of curiosity, how long before I start feeling better?

Today I woke up with psoriasis on my face, red and scaly (I usually only get it on my scalp or behind the ears when it does flair up). 

I still have a pesky swollen and painful lymph node in my neck, feeling tired, hair still falling out, all that stuff.

it's only day 4 of meds but am curious when things might start to turn around. 

Give it time.  It can take a little while to feel better.  Many times after starting meds you actually will start to feel worse before you feel better.  Skin conditions often flare up before settling down.  The lymph nodes...they can be a bit slower to get to normal.  I had swollen lyphm nodes come and go for months after I started meds (however I was infected for awhile before I started).

You do have a high viral load, but I beleive the med your on is an experimental integrase inhibitor (i think).  Integrase inhibitors tend to drop viral loads very quickly.  Youll be good!


--- Quote from: lincoln6echo on October 06, 2012, 12:05:05 PM ---So, just out of curiosity, how long before I start feeling better?

it's only day 4 of meds but am curious when things might start to turn around.

--- End quote ---
while HAART is a miracle, it's not a miracle cure. At this point your body is becoming adjusted as the levels of the HAART medication is just beginning to stabilize in your system; while at the same time the HAART is kicking the heck out of that incredibly huge VL killing it off. Probably, as it is with many of the short term side effects that may happen, it may take several days to a couple of weeks for everything to settle down and for you to really begin to be feeling better

hang in there!!

Thanks for the boost of confidence guys, it helps  :D

I am doing my best to be patient.  I am grateful that I even have meds at's just stressful and everything has happened all in a very short period of time along with already having been sick and off work etc due to something else unrelated.

Dear L6E,

I also started meds very soon, 2 months after infection, in 2006. And I've been on meds ever since.

Leatherman's is a great post and that's the way things were and are now. Meds now are much better and will no interfere in your daily life beyond the fact of being consistent and disciplined in taking them as prescribed, respecting the most you can same hour every day; and, in a general sense, taking care of yourself, eating, sleeping and doing some exercise.

I am on Kivexa since 2010 and it is OK for me. No major complaints.

Things to talk to your doc and check periodically: bone density, STDs, some psychological aspects if you feel worried or with anxiety or a bit low, and any other symptom you may think as not normal or related to meds.

I also had that feeling of anything going so fast, too many things and decisions in too few days, still under the shock of assimilating an HIV diagnosis. It is very important to remember those days and the way you reacted to them, because that will give you a clue of how you manage yourself in difficult situations. It has been very useful for me, not only in things related to HIV, but also in other life situations in which I had to react organizing my ideas, prioritizing and making quick decisions.

With the passing of the time, all this, taking meds, going to the doc and labs etc, etc, will be a, let's say, normal part of your life, a thing you will be used to live with, After all, we are very fortunate.

Big hug! 8)


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