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Just tested poz yesterday need advice

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Hello there , just a quick update !!

Some of you read my post , and I read a few post from some Other HIV + here in this blog ,it helped me a lot to read about other persons experience , here is what happened after

So I did test positive !i did two test ! Pos both
Then I went for all the test you need to do ,like hepatitis , sugar , blood pressure,TB, and all that they took like 20 tubes of blood ( I guess because they did like 20 test )

And then I got a vaccine from pneumonia and flu , I went back after a month for my results

Everything went OK!
My CD 4 is 668 and VL 20000
The doctor told me that I don't have to take. Any meds! Which make me happy over all he said to go back in four months to continue the follow up !

The only thing is that my TB test is positive so they send me for Chest X-ray so they will see if I need to take medication for 9 months for the TB in my system ,and I have to go for the second shot of hepatitis b vaccine that way I will be immune to hepatitis B

So after all I think that's not bad i dunno what you guys think! .?

Thanks for you support guys :)!


Sorry about the TB, but all of your other results seem great! Your CD4 is way higher than mine and you VL isnt bad either so you should be fine off meds for a bit. Glad you got the news you were hoping for and that the TB clears up.  8)

I was hoping you would have a false-positive, but glad you're being so proactive.  Your labs are good, so that's great you have time to deal with this, instead of immediately having to start meds.  The TB diagnosis sucks, but with good medical care, you should have that taken care of.  I've been worried about my friend in the medical field.  He's had two exposures to TB patients in one week.  They are having him monitored. 

All the best to you, as you begin this journey.  You're doing all the right things.  Stay in touch.


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