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Just tested poz yesterday need advice

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Hello there

So I'm a 22 years old gay guy!i live in Toronto Canada at the moment originally from Mexico , I've been in a relation ship for more than four years ! 2 weeks ago I was asked to go under medical exam.. ( my partner and I are doing the application for permanent resident he is the principal applicant , and the medical exam is the last step for the PR) so my boyfriend and I went to a clinic for the medical they take blood test and urine test ! Doctor said that if there was something wrong he will call and if not we don't have to worry about anything that he will send the documents to in migration , after 10 days I receive a call from the doctor that was on Friday and he asked me to go to the clinic , that weekend was the longest weekend I was thinking what could of go wrong and why they called just me!
On Monday I went to the office the doctor told me that I tested pos and then he xplain to me all complication and he kept talking I just was in shock and I'm still I'm shock I dunno how to take it !

When he finish in telling me that by law I have to use condom and all the prevention I have to take , I just went outside my boyfriend went with me but siding came in , I told him that I tested pos and I just couldn't hold it and start crying he was in shock so he went and asked the doctor and ask him if he had his results the doctor say yes and told him that he tested negative, that make me happy for a minute
But I still can xplain how is that possible .

Doctor told me that I have to go with and specialist to see what stage or how my cells something , I don't even understand what he meant ! I just don't know what's next I kow I have to get more test but still,

The doctor told my boyfriend to get tested again in six months so I'm just hoping that he is ok

I'm just so worried cause I don't know what is gonna happened first how or what do I need to do and what's the next step
Second I'm scared if I need a treatment or medicine ,if so what will in migration Canada will say will they denied me the permanent residence, or my boyfriends?
My boyfriend insurance cover medical cost and I have ohip (ontario health insurance program) but if Canada ask me to leave new country I dunno how will I take that cause in my country is so bad the medical cost and everything

I just don't know what to do or think my head just keep thinking and thinking ...  I haven't sleep ,,I didn't go to work. My partner is very supportive he told me that he is gonna be there for me no matter what happens

I'm just scared and in shock  I would like to know if some one has a similar experience
Thank you

I know you are scared!  Try not to let everything cause you to go crazy!  First, get the test you need to find out what you need to do next.  The important thing is to determine if you need to start meds and what kind.  Once you take care of your health, then you can start working on your immigration status.  I will be thinking of you and will be here if you want to talk.  You have friends here!  I tested poz June 6, 2012.  This site has helped me very much!  Many nice, helpful people here!

Hi Gérard, welcome to the forums.

You need further testing, unless the doctor told you that your positive result was confirmed by something called the Western Blot. Sometimes people get false positive results on the antibody tests. They can be caused by pregnancy (obviously not in your case) and they can also be caused by an underlying, not yet diagnosed autoimmune problem. Sometimes they just happen.

You need to go to a testing center or clinic and make sure you're actually hiv positive, by having another hiv antibody test and if that result is also positive, it needs to be confirmed with a Western Blot test.

I suggest you get in touch with one or both of the following organisations to ask where you can go for further testing:

CATIE (The Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange/Le Réseau Canadien d’Info-traitements SIDA)
Address: Suite 505, 555 Richmond Street West, PO Box 1104, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3B1
Town/City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Telephone: +1 800 263 1638

Toronto General Hospital
The Immunodeficiency Clinic
Address: 13N-1300, 585 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2N2
Town/City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Telephone: +1 416 340 5077
Fax: +1 416 340 4890

Try to calm down and take things one step at a time - and make sure you haven't had a false positive result. They do happen.

Good luck and keep us posted.


PS - If you are confirmed as hiv positive, you may be able to get some help with your immigration questions by contacting the following organisations:

AIDS and Law Exchange - AIDSLEX
Address: c/o Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, 1240 Bay Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2A7, Canada
Town/City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Telephone: +1 416 595 1666 ext. 233

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network / Réseau Juridique Canadien sur le VIH/SIDA
Address: 1240 Bay Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2A7
Town/City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Telephone: +1 416 595 1666

hey! sorry about the question but during four years did u cheat him?  may u get it before?
i think its quite strange u did not pass it to him.did u use condom ?


--- Quote from: kivancsi on November 16, 2012, 06:46:53 PM ---hey! sorry about the question but during four years did u cheat him?  may u get it before?
i think its quite strange u did not pass it to him.did u use condom ?

--- End quote ---

Hello! Those are some pretty personal questions. Would you mind starting a thread and telling us something about yourself? Are you HIV positive?


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