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Jeff G:

--- Quote from: WillyWump on November 03, 2012, 01:43:50 PM ---That's a sweet place! Get to Work Dennis!!!

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This an excellent location . Its just down the street from where I used to live , its close to public transportation , the bars and very good restaurants .

I'm certain it is the same Best Western I stayed at in '98 and '99.  It is right around the corner from the Sidetrax bar on North Halstead in Chicago which is probably still showing a video of an aroused Rob Lowe on the screen as we speak.  The hotel was clean and comfortable and safe as cities go.

It is within a few blocks walking distance of Wrigley Field which would be fun, since, like Fenway Park it is such a historical park.  I saw the Mets and Cubs there both years I went and loved Wrigley.

There are nice restaurants there on North Broadway and the bars are on N. Halstead.  It is a block or so away from Lake Shore Drive and there is an underpass to the very pretty park right on Lake Michigan.

It is about a half hour train ride from Wrigley to the Sears Tower or whatever it is called now.  I think you take the red line one stop and transfer for the brown line and you are close to the tower.  After a brief movie on the history of Chicago, which was a one horse town until trains started rolling and it became a hub of the midwest and grew out to a very nice city.  After coming down from the tower we took a river taxi out to the Navy Pier or Navy Yard and from there a harbor taxi out to the museums, a lovely setting and well worthwhile.  The architecture of Chicago's skyline is lovely as the Chicago river snakes right through town.  It is well worth it to take one full day doing that I would say.

The weather was fine in '98 but in '99 it did get up to a mere 103 degrees.  So we have to go by the adage that we always get great weather, only Washington might just have been a tad humid, who knew?, but I enjoyed DC as much as any town we have visited and everyone has been great.  I think Chicago will work very nicely.  San Diego is very pretty and I was last there in 1981 and cities do change (LA now has a metro train) but everything I remember about it was you need a car to get around and that makes logistics difficult for most folks, as we often take cabs in cities that have trains and buses, but usually at relatively short distances.

Anyway, if the goddesses permit, Chicago 2013 here we come! :)

Jody :)


--- Quote from: Miss Philicia on November 03, 2012, 01:55:52 PM ---Did you ask the hetero attendees if they want to be spread eagle in the middle of a bunch of gay bars?

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This is a very good point.  :-X

As for the hotel costs in SD... look at a post I made a while back; I think it was in the nominating thread.  I stayed at a decent hotel for $65 per night with no fees for parking or internet, a hot tub, two pools, recently renovated rooms, a king bed, 'fridge, microwave, etc.  I know voting is over, but SD is significantly cheaper than any of the cities we've held AMG's.  If things go as I hope, we may actually live in SD or another SoCA location by then!

what is AMG?


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