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We have collected and reviewed all AMG 2013 Site Location Preferences.  We are following the same planning schedule we followed for this year's successful AMG and are right on track with preference selection dates (and actually a few weeks early) and now the official voting for voting for location begins......  I have requested that the MODS lock the AMG 2013 Site Location Preference thread and that they sticky this thread.

The top 3 destinations have been chosen and are being put forth for any member interested in attending AMG 2013 to vote on. Voting is limited to members only.

Voting will remain open until Friday, November 2, 2012.

Please indicate your preference from the following choices. The number in parentheses indicates the number of times the site was listed as a preference. 
Votes are limited to ONE VOTE PER MEMBER and ONE SITE:

1. CHICAGO, IL (13)


3. SANTA FE, NM (6)

Preferences for time of year favored July or August

Please keep the above information in mind when casting your vote. You may also still indicate time your preference for time of year for AMG 2013 to be held.

Also, try to limit your post to your vote (if you want to put a line or two about why you think it should be held in a certain location from the above selections that is fine - but let's try to keep rationale/reasoning to a minimum and as non-duplicative as possible).  Thanks for your participation.

Some FYI's from site preference selection: The topic received over 2,349 views; there were 75 replies; 20 site preferences were given; and there were 63 votes.

Thanks to all who listed their Site Location Preferences.
Make sure you cast your vote for the location of AMG 2013!!

Chicago - August

Jeff G:
Chicago - anytime . My friends there are all mad I haven't been to see them , so I can multi task with this trip .

Chicago.  Anytime.  We've never had a mid west gathering. ;)

San Diego July- they have pride that month


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