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Should I go back to work after newly diagnosed and Insurance issues?


I am newly diagnosed and making a come back from the death bed of AIDS.  I was put on a regular med regimen while in the hospital by an HIV doc.  I am seeing him about every 6wks (just diagnosed in June/July) to see how meds are working. 
My situation is I am on disability giving me Medicare, my secondary insurance picking up the rest is medicaid.  The total monthly charges for meds is about 2000.00 total.
If I go back to work my 3 nights a week then every penny goes to medicaid as a spend down.  I am raising a 6yo nephew and money is tight right now being I have a 277.00 spend down already.  While I was in the hosp my family paid my bills and so now I am 3 mos? behind on spend downs cause I don't have the 1000.00 to catch up all at once.
So does it make sense to go back to work knowing it will only increase my spend down?  The money would only help my take return come next year and that wouldn't be much.

I hear it's very hard to get on disability for hiv/aids.  If I were you I would stay on it.  Nothing more stressing than having to worry about medical bills or not being able to make your copays for any tests you need.  Try to find some part time off the books job to make ends meet if you have to.  Unless you really love your job and are paid well and are treated great and have great benefits, and can get caught up and ahead of your bills, in that case go back to work.


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