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What Benefits are available to POZ People?


I tested positive October 26,2011.  I had no idea I was positive, suddenly I started having problems breathing, went to the ER, left because I had to return home for an urgent matter.  My inability to breath increased, I could barely walk up stairs in my house, went back to the ER and was admitted and diagnosed with AIDS, PCP.  I was very sick and left after a 6 day stay (hospital wanted me to stay longer).  I started retroviral  meds after the PCP was treated in January 2012.  After starting meds, i developed MAC which required surgical removal of a HUGE cyst that developed under my chin, it was horrible.  While I am better today, I feel I am out of the loop.  The meds for HIV and MAC totaled $250 a month.  I found a new doctor who asked why was I paying this, if you have private insurance the drug comapanies will pay the copay. I discovered this last week and this is a resource i had no idea was available.Based on the co-pay program, I now pay $50 a month for meds and not $250 I have looked into programs for assistance, but most programs require you earn an income less than $30k,  so I dont qualify.  I am in need of knowing what is out there and how can I seek assistance.  Please help!!!! :-\


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