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Positive and Lonely it always gonna be like this?

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welcome and just know that you will have support from these forums.

i have been HIV+ for 30 years now and my only advice for you is to live your life for yourself and those who love you.
it's not always easy but it gets better with practice.


Hey Mitch, I understand you mean well, but as a man, you are not permitted to post in the Woman's forum. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


Lets see I have been positive for 4 years going on 5. I felt lonely in the beginning. Had a relationship with someone for just about as long as I was positive. After a while I began to notice that he just stayed because he pitied me. He stop being intimate and I felt similar to how you felt. Now I have found the strength to leave him since he would never leave me due to my earning potential, it feels great. I have to say there is hope. Everyone is not accepting this is true but there is a percentage of men who are, the one that was put here for you will find you. He can't if you stay in the current relationship. I see that you say that you will remain friends while he looks for housing. I hope it works out..I live with my ex until November and it is quite challenging. As far as your friend, I am sorry for her husband's ignorance. You can make great friends who understand and love you regardless of your medical history. I have sent up a prayer for you. Stay encouraged we can definitely do this.


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