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What type of disability is this????

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So I was granted disablity with a very nice lump sum of back pay. But when I received my award letter it titles, Retirement, Survivors & Disability Insurance. It does not specify anywhere in the letter if it is SSI or SSDI or the type of disability im receiving . It also states I will receive payment each month on or about the fourth Wednesday of each month. Mind you I live in Cali

Miss Philicia:
AFAIK, SSDI submits payments on the third of each month. I think you must have SSI.

I believe if it's the same Wednesday each month, then it's full SSD.  SSI and a combo of SSI/SSD payments don't follow the same schedule. 


JR Gabbard:
It's SSDI.  SSI only pays on the first of the month.


Im so glad that you have been awarded this......I've gone through this process too in the  UK.



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