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to my mom


yesterday i remembered my mother catherine baugh. it was her 20 yr death aniversary. i was 7 yrs old when she passed on and i will always love her. she was a daughter, sister, aunt, mother, and friend.i just watched how to survive a plague and it brought me to tears. since my mother died in '92, she didn't benefit from the life saving drugs that came out in '96. young people need to know that people fought and some gave their lives to save a whole lot of people. not enough is being said about hiv/aids today. sometimes i wonder how she felt about her illness. sometime i wish i had 1 hour to spend with her,to see her beautiful grandkids. i know she's in a place of true peace and freedom. mommy, grandpa is up there with you and one day we will be together again. love you :'( :D

That was a beautiful, well written tribute.  I'm sure she's proud of you for being such a deep caring person.

Take care and best wishes.



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