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Sorry to start another thread re work , insurance etc....but  i've got good news!
I won my appeal(In the  UK)re DLA....I will never be sure if my letter to the  PM helped but im so greatful...but  i told the truth.....and got a result.

I was so frightened.....but I told myself its not just for me...its for other people too.Hopefully my case makes the  govt think about people who have lost  a great deal to this virus.

I'd almost given up...I was so worn down.

Please dont give up ....and have someone from your Welfare Rights or council to support you.


Wonderful news! I'm really happy for you - and good for you for sticking to your guns. Thanks for letting us know. :)

Excellent news. Congratulations!

Congratulations !

A big toast to you.  Having been through the can make you cross-eyed.

You deserve to celebrate!  Cheers   :)


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