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Meningitis outbreak among HIV infected men in NYC

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--- Quote from: Assurbanipal on October 05, 2012, 10:39:10 AM ---AIDSmeds has an article out yesterday.  And the following was posted to the NYC SIN list yesterday.
 The Department is advising vaccinations for any man who is HIV positive and has had intimate contact with another man that he met through a website, digital application ("App"), or at a bar or party since September 1, 2012.

--- End quote ---

That is a pretty broad category! I thought this was as rare as swine-flu...but I guess not?

Thats not good.  Everything seems to happen in New York.    I know the city is a melting pot of folks, but i'm glad that I don't live there.  if you built a list of weird things that have happened in that city since sept 11 2001 , it would be oddly amazing.

Miss Philicia:
The metropolitan NYC area population of NYC is 22 million. That's not just the size of a state, it's larger than all but two states. In fact, it's not far off from the amount in Texas. Of course a lot things are going to seem to happen there. Having lived there for 15 years you don't really notice it (with the exception of 9/11 of course).

Plus the people are much less annoying in NYC than anywhere else.

yeah that is true ,  my co-worker is from NYC, he tells me the same thing.  he always tells me i couldn't possibly understand NY since i'm a redneck from Texas. we joke with each other a lot about where we are from, but i do love to hear all of his stories about growing up in NY.  He grew up in the studio 54 days and the stories are intersting to hear for sure.


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