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hiv positive and i want more children


??? well i have 2 teens already and i have been wanting another child for a long time, I tested positive about a year ago and my mate who is not positive and i have been together for four and  wants another child also,(i was infected by a needle none drug related), thing is i had my a tubal ligation, I have heard different stories about none hiv related couples having children this way, i'm wondering if it is possible for a positive woman ??? ???

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Hi Tokima, welcome to the forums.

Being positive shouldn't be a problem where tubal ligation reversal is concerned. You'd have the same chance as any other woman in having the reversal work. They don't always - it would depend on many things such as how long ago it was done (because of scar-tissue over the years), the skill of the surgeon who did the initial procedure as well as the skill of the surgeon who does the reversal. Your hiv shouldn't come into it.

Good luck!


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