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Sitting by while your seronegative friends get happily MARRIED

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What are these "triggers" that are causing you to down yourself?  You need to silence those. How to do that?  Whenever you start to think of something negative about yourself, replace it with something positive.  Make a list of positive things about yourself, and keep repeating them.  We can all, honestly, think of positive things, even if we don't think we can. 
What we have is only a virus.  I understand it's a little different than the flu, but it's still only a virus.  Just don't get down on yourself.  I really would be happy if you made that list about positive attributes, then just keep telling yourself the wonderful things about you.  Please try it, and good luck!



Thanks for that advice, I will try it every day and I'll let you know how it

I hope that I will have some good news for you one of these days, whether
it involves marriage or not!



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