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5) Since Obamacare helps close the prescription drug coverage gap for Medicare beneficiaries, HIV-positive individuals will be more likely to afford their drug treatments for the virus. By closing the “donut hole,” or the gap in coverage for expensive prescription drugs under the Medicare program

Thanks for the info.
I was all set this year to pay out in full for the donut hole. Don't whether to be happy or not...
My Viramune comes in a generic now?  Going to take prob March - April to get though the hole.
Either way, better to have drug coverage than not.

happy hunting all!!!

I'm hoping to retire in two years at age 58 and I'll be purchasing a personal insurance policy.  I was expecting it to cost around $1200/month.  $720 or even $820 a month sounds a lot better than $1200.  I've read where some people in the high risk pools were paying over $1500/month in some states.


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