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hi, new of here

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HI, everyone
In bad mood.
who can save me?

In order to provide some words of solace, could you explain why you are in a bad mood?

Living with HIV is not easy, and you will experience some degree of anxiety, anger or depression every now and then, until you finally allow yourself to forgive the person who infected you and forgive yourself for your part in becoming infected. (My part in becoming infected was also trusting someone I loved). When you do this, you will start to heal and you will move on.

But if you are in a bad mood because of your recent breakup which you expressed in one of your posts, I will still go back to the same advice I gave you back then: give yourself time. Even HIV neg couples break up for one reason or the other.5 years ago, I was  in a sero-discordant relationship that ended...and we both moved on to find other people. It hurt at the moment the relationship ended, but then life had to go on.

Look at yourself. Look inside yourself. See the positive in you. Dont let HIV define you. Living with HIV is already hard...why make your life even harder by being sad?

No one can save're the only one who makes the decision to live your life smiling most of the time or crying most of the time.

Take care.

thanks karry. having read your message, that's really sweet.
and I think this time don't want to let him go.
maybe finally I have to, but now is just not the time.

I recently went to this site and discovered that there are many people in the chat room. They help me much. They really understand my concerns.

I'm getting better, thanks.

Really thanks everyone for your concerns.


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