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Advice to Avoid Withdrawal/Depression

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Em reminds me of what they tell us on planes....

Always put on your own mask first before assisting others.

If you don't take of yourself right away, then no one is left for you both right now. Be strong and do what YOU need to do to stay as even keeled as possible. You will come through this, heaven knows you are a VERY strong person. Hugs

Be honest with your doctor about your re-addiction, and ask for a prescription tapered dose, if you want to avoid heavy withdrawal.  Of course you could go cold turkey on a weekend.  I know kicking opiates is rough, but it's over in a couple days (I've done it many times).  I totally understand, though, you not wanting to deal with that while dealing with all the other (heavy) stuff you're dealing with.

Em made a good suggestion in going to NA meetings.  You could always go to a few, see which one fits, and think about getting a sponsor.  That could help relieve some of the stress, especially when you feel comfortable to talk about what's going on, even if it's just with the sponsor. 

I understand you're dealing with more than many people do in their lifetimes.  But, you won't be going on too much longer if you're already getting into money put aside, to continue the addictive lifestyle.  I get it, I've been there.  So since I've been there, I also know it's possible to stop.  And get help.  Good luck.

Howdy sh0reboy23!

I'm a bit late to this conversation  but I wanted to throw some good vibes your way.

I've got a friend that I believe has some issues wit recreational drugs and I can only tell you how he handled it.  He actually budgeted out. When he lost his job and his budget had to tighten up, the recreational got smaller.

My hopes for you is that maybe you can budget it out and soon take it out completely.  As the others have stated, you have a good head on your shoulders.  I've got family members that let their recreation take control and while it didn't destroy them, it took a huge toll on their lives.  Please don't let this hurt yours.

The one thing that has always helped me in times of despair is I look at myself in the mirror and tell myself that I CAN handle things no matter how bad. Admittedly, there are days where I end up not believing myself but I make it through.

I hope things are looking better for you soon. In the meantime, bubba hugs!


I'm new here but just reading all the responses were a great boost for me!  I must agree, you are unselfishly a hero above all and it must be truly difficult to cope!  But by no means give up!!  You have had some setbacks but these too you can overcome!  I am in upper level management in a federal agency.  I would be the first one to tell you to seek assistance with EAP!  However, I agree that sometimes management does not always take the best interest of the employee to heart!  I agree 100%, come clean with your  ID doc.  As with mine, I'm sure he will have some resources to share with you to help you through.  I also agree that YOU MUST take care of yourself FIRST and Foremost or you will not be able to continue to take care of your partner.  So make sure to do what you have to (healthy and appropriate) to see that you remain in good health, body, mind and yes...soul!  However you feel this can be achieved in your best interest.  Then, you will have the strength and fortitude to continue to help your partner and achieve your dreams!  Remember, this is a setback, its not the final chapter in the book!  You and your partner have my thoughts and prayers!  Stay close here, I have learned in just a short time, there is much wisdom and compassion in these threads that are woven on this site!  Love ya and stay strong!  Where you cant walk, we will pick you up on our our words, thoughts and prayers to carry you on!

You are on your way out of this terrible addiction you got into.

My question is why been afraid of an AD or a Xanax after the terrible drug problems you had? Lexapro, and Xanax are a walk in the park compared to what you were using.
More, you were using those recreational drugs as AD, or to deal with anxiety.

As a user of AD and clonazepan, I tell you they make you feel great, no depression, able to work, no anxiety. After using them for a period usually 1 year , your PDR, would try to see if you can get off them, taking out 10 % each month, until gone.
In my case I dont want to get off them because I feel pretty good, and I dont want to deal into going back to depression or anxiety.

Right now I am on vacation in Europe ( crusing in Berlin ), after taking a 2 week cruise in Spain. Do you think this could be posisble without AD?

Needless to say you are having a bad time now, but I am just leting you know there is a way out of it , the the use of AD and Clonazepan ( clonazepan is a xanax type drug with longer lasting duration). So dont use the wrong drugs for your depresion, use those designed for it.
Remeron, and wellbutrin, are the AD with less sexual side effects. Lexapro is good for you since you are so young, it will only delay your orgasm a bit, some people use it for premature eyaculation.
I wish you the best, and hope something can be done to help your partner, you wrote his hearing might come back, belive me after a while with AR evrything tends to become normal.
Best fot you  Roy

PD: This important, I decided to edit the reply:

AD take 4 to 5 weeks to fully work. They usually make you feel worse before you get better, in the times you are getting use to them suicidal thoughts are not unusual, they do come with that warning, but its is only  A PHASE, things will improve belive me they do.  Do what your PDR tells you. That is important.


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