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Advice to Avoid Withdrawal/Depression

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I second all the other good advice here.  I am in a sort of similar situation, but not with painkillers, rather Benzos.  Just be happy you're not addicted to Benzos like Ativan or Xanax, etc..  More addictive than Alcohol, Opiates or Barbiturates.  A complete nightmare of the highest degree.

I am not clear on where you are in your withdraw, but give yourself a break and don't go too fast if you can.  Successful withdraw is often more easily achieved with a tapered approach.  In addition to reducing withdraw symptoms you also give yourself time to learn new coping skills which are critical to remaining drug free. 

I know exactly what you are saying about not wanting to have this get in the way of your moving forward, but this is a serious issue.  You might have to rethink that because it can be such a difficult process even without all of the other stresses you have and I fear that if you might be putting undue pressure on yourself.

I have found that actively seeking out relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing some yoga etc.. can really help.

The good news is that the data is clear that anyone can kick the habit with the right approach, so relax, you're going to do great and in the end the relief will be overwhelming.  Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

I used to be a full fledged drug addict. I've gone from one addiction to another and in the more recent past I've come off of a hard street drug which is one of the reasons how I became infected with hiv - I was letting my body be used up for my drug of choice and of course when you're high you don't really think or care much about protection. But I am where I am and this is what I have to get through but with the right help, I will.

I'm not going to sit here and condone drug use especially when one already has a fragile illness. If you are on HIV medication and using recreational drugs - isn't there a large possibility of them cross interacting and not working properly? In no ways am I preaching or being pissy.. I guess what I'm trying to say is - it's going to be important to the vitality of the rest of your life physically,emotionally,and spiritually to treat yourself well on all accounts and you are better than letting this world get you down! You can do this! You are strong enough! and I believe in you. I live my world day by day the best way possible - one foot in front of the other but there's one thing I know now for a fact is that I won't abuse myself or others any longer. Life and living is worth more than abuse of any kind.

Stay strong, believe in yourself, and never ever give up - with love and light, echo


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