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--- Quote from: softballdude2012 on September 24, 2012, 08:29:53 PM ---
Off topic, I almost died today, choked on a jolly rancher, got stuck right in my throat...sorry had to express that.

--- End quote ---

What was this jolly rancher's name? ;D Hey, at least it wasn't a pretzel.

Your rash should get better soon. Hang in there!

Hey Everyone,

Just an update:  the itching of the rash has greatly subsided.  Now I am just dealing with the spots on my legs and feet.  My arms have cleared up.

Thanks for all the support, I appreciate all of you!!!

Just another update:  The spots have disappated and now I am back to looking normal.  What a relief.  I have been taking my meds like a good boy everynight so I am hoping everything will be fine.  Just working a ton and really tired but that because I keep a busy life between work, sports, and friends! 

Thank you all!




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