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Unprotected sex, disclosure and sexual health clinics

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Jeff G:
Zohar is the guy who had a meltdown when he found out his GP had documented his HIV status as HIV positive . He is also the guy that has a problem with people who say they are HIV negative if they have had sex since their last HIV test . A huge number of his post are about disclosure or about criminalization , so we know where his head is at .

When his doctor tries to council him about safe sex practices he sees it as a lecture because of his arrogance . I have never seen an individual more in need of counseling than Zohar . I really hope you get the help you need before you hurt somebody .

I have to think there's a part of you that knows what you've been doing is wrong, and that's why you put up this post (under the guise of the whole how-dare-he-judge-me doctor story).  And it is.  Just wrong, Wrong, WRONG.  There's crap that goes on in the world, but why would you want to add to it?  Get a grip, and start doing yourself and others some good.

.... >:( >:( As much as I accept my responsibility in being positive, I so wish my infector had told me he had HIV....and he knew he did, and never told me.  I have long since moved on, but when I read posts from people who are positive, know their status and still go out there and have unprotected sex with someone without disclosing, it brings back bad memories and makes me sway towards supporting criminalization of HIV transmission for cases like this.
I hate the fact that you are trying to justify what you are doing to others. Its just so so WRONG! >:(


--- Quote from: jkinatl2 on September 21, 2012, 08:39:09 PM ---You realize of course that U/D in blood does not necessarily equal U/D in semen, right?

As much as I am VEHEMENTLY against the criminalization of HIV infection, I rather think that exposing people to HIV without their informed consent is the hallmark of a sociopath.

Thanks for making it that much worse for the rest of us out here, passing along the stigma of HIV, you despicable cuntwaffle.

--- End quote ---


I don't think your doc was out of line.  He treats HIV patients, and part of that is to talk about safer sex. 

Have any of your sexual partners asked whether you're poz?  If so, did you tell them?       


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