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How does HIV Housing Assistance work in Upstate New York??


   I'm in the Buffalo, NY area and VERY curious about this, as I've been waiting on my SSDI appeal for almost 2 years. In this time I've gone thru my entire savings and 401K, lost my house and car, and I've had to resort to moving in with my elderly mother in the country 45 miles from where I get treatment. I've read where it's only "temporary emergency assistance", but I cant find any more other than attempting to call and leave messages, but I have not heard anything back from them.
   A friend in Columbus, OH told me that there the assistance works with almost all apartment complexes, and there's a waiting list. BUT, they don't consider his SSDI or Military disability income, so his rent is "$0", plus he gets food stamps and only pays for his electric, cable and internet.
   Any thoughts on this? PLEASE?

You need to visit your department of social services/welfare office in person.  I live in NYC and if its anything upstate like down here, you will never get help over the phone.  Go in person and you will get better results

In my experience when ur are pending SSI/SSDI you basically qualify for social services unless you have assests.  The amounts can vary from one area to the next on allowable assets.  Again SOcial services will have all the info you need.

In NYC when you are on welfare due to HIV infection the welfare department assists you in finding permanent housing through subsidies paid to landlords.  But once you are approved for SSI/SSDI your options with welfare narrow because SSI/SSDI counts as income for welfare determination purposes.  SSI/SSDI itself will not help you find housing so my suggestion is to immediately go to social services and apply so you can get on the ball in case you are approved for SSI/SSDI.

Im currently going through this myself so you can always private message me if you need to talk privately

The following is an ASO in Buffalo...they should be able to help you with more localized help for your query

AIDS Community Services of Western New York
206 South Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14201
(716) 847-2441
Fax: (716) 847-0418

OMG thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!


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