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Lost Insurance, Need Sertiosm or any hgh


Hey all, I am new to the boards.  I am looking to see if anyone has any extra meds. Please email me.  thanks.

JR Gabbard:
Hi mmadden,
Welcome to the boards!
You should know that it is illegal to redistribute prescription meds, so no one can help you on this one.
If you have a legitimate prescription for Serostim (or any other HIV med), most of the pharmaceutical companies have a program to get it to you either free of charge or for a reduced fee.
Your health provider is the best resource for these programs.
Best of luck!


Need hgh meds as well. Email if in the midwest.

JR Gabbard:
Speak to your physician and local pharmacist.  It is illegal for anyone else to provide you with prescription HGH medication.


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