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Hi Everyone!!!

I am new here and I appreciate the support this forum offers.  I am in a new relationship with a man that is HIV+ and I am HIV- woman.  He was very honest and disclosed his status to me within the first week of us meeting.  I was very ignorant to the new medical developments with HIV and was initially thrown off by what he told me.  But I knew that it was something unique and special about him that made me want to continue forward instead of making a rash dicision to flee. I'm actually proud of myself for not being judgemental or running away.  Anyways upon telling me he told me to do some research on it and he would take me to his doctor so that I could ask questions about HIV and about his medical status and history. We did and a lot of my fears were put to rest. 

Well we had sex for the first time this week with protection, is it normal for me to have felt a little weird.  It felt so gushy and the condom did not break.  Was all of the gushyness coming from me?  Do condoms protect very well if he is undetectable?  Also our first attempt to have intercourse he coould not get a complete erection.  He then told me that he takes testosterone. Is this a side effect from certain medication?  Over the long term does this type of issue present a problem in a relationship? Also does anyone know whether HIV always turn into AIDS at some point? Have you all ever known of anyone who contracted HIV using a condom?

I ask all of these questions out of curiosity.  No matter the answer I plan to continue this relationship with this man because I am falling so deep for him.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!!!

 :o one at a time with the answers

Sure, feeling a bit weird with a new partner can be normal.

It may have been you gushing, and or a lubed condom.

YES   condoms  are effective.

Testosterone levels, side effect of meds, performance anxiety. YES all of the above.

Long term,  no problems only solutions.

NO, HIV does not always develop into AIDS. Treated, it probably never will.

No, I've  never known anyone who contracted HIV while using a condom.

Thanks so much for responding Zach!!!!  I was hoping this site could provide me with support and answer some of questions along the way as well.  I dont want to make him feel as though I am always asking questions about it ya know.  He definitely doesnt need that constant reminder from me. He is a very sweet guy and I just want us to be happy together.

Not sure if I will get much support here because you seem to be the only one who responded. lol

Just give it some time. I understand your worrying, but try to take it step by step. The HIV might be at your forefront now but soon youll be able to box it and put it somewhere in the background.

I dont understand what "gushy" and "gushyness" is referring to. Whatever it is and it is making you anxious somehow?


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