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I've always considered donating my remains to a Body Farm. It's free to donate. Being HIV+ now may prevent me from doing this.

I've always told my family that they can just put me out on the curb in a garbage bag for all I care. I've also told them to go the cheapest route, ie. cremation and getting my cremains back in a baggie. I've also told my wife she can either put my urn on the mantle to intimidate her next husband, or she can spread my remains over Bermuda and celebrate by spreading herself over some young man.  8)


--- Quote from: mecch on September 20, 2012, 04:08:54 PM --- how about my two shoe boxes of mid century mens pocket squares,

--- End quote ---

Yes Please. ;D It will go nicely with my new Bowtie fetish.

I have a really modest life insurance policy.I was going to buy a flat years ago pre diagnosis...and wanted cover just in case!I phoned them when i was diagnosed and am very lucky as they will still honour my policy.

The manager of the company said that we can never know what is going to happen in life...the policy is years old.......long before my date of im ok.

By the way  i think that hiv or aids patients can still donate their bodies for research here in the  UK.....Mum always jokes no one else would want mine re all my ops and scars!!!!!!!

I will try and find out re this and post back!


I have 75k in life insurance through a NRA endorsed carrier. I also carry a supplemental insurance through the Divers Alert Network. It covers extraction via helicopters and planes to the nearest hospital for anywhere in the world. My health insurance sure doesn't cover that which is important as I SCUBA dive all over the world.


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