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Jeff G:

--- Quote from: Ann on September 21, 2012, 09:43:19 AM ---You wicked, wicked uncle! Love it! ;D

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They are at the running around in circles and shrieking age and this shuts them up in a snap . 

We still have my dads ashes at home too! Every year we say that we will scatter them.
Its a family joke(comfort too!!!) to say he's still here keeping an eye on us!
Mum is too scared to scatter them at sea as well incase they blow back as well!
Dad was in navy so the sea was in his blood.We lost him a few years ago to cancer.



--- Quote from: phildinftlaudy on September 20, 2012, 11:43:23 PM ---Fortunately, I have life insurance through work at 1x my salary - with mom as beneficiary right now (so, if I kick the bucket, she will be alright for a little bit)...

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That's good, unfortunately if you leave your job for any reason, porting or converting the policy will becoming very expensive as you will no longer be paying the group rates. I converted my 5.5x salary policy when I left my previous job last year. I have the same amount of coverage at my new job. So I have about 11x salary between the two.

But the individual policy already costs 6x as much as the group policy in monthly premium. The real killer is that the individual policy rate also goes up by 5-10% every year, while the group rate changes much less.
The converted individual policy costs about 14 cents per $1000 per month right now at age 36. But it would be in the $50/month per $1000 by age 60. The benefit drops in half after age 70, and ends at age 80.

I recommend long term care insirance if you are able to obtain it.  Life insurance is great but what about the time before you go.  Most people dont just drop, some have a long period of worsening health before they go.  Long term care insurance can pay for in home care or nursing home care.

Decisions.  Decisions. Decisions.

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