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terrible mistake

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First of all I am reading this forum for 2 weeks now and am thankfull for people like You exist. I appologise for my bad english.

On 24th of august i made a big mistake. I gave an unprotected (cunnilingus) oral sex to a sex worker in expensive night club. After that followed protected (with condom) vaginal sex. My symptoms started 8 days later with sore throat, sinusitis like problem (stuffed nose) and bad caugh with excudate. I also had a rash and sweating but i cant remember wether sweating was due to fear or something else. Back then i don't remember any lymph node swelling. Some mild soreness to the throat exist until today with partial itching and i have left ear problem in a sence that i hear not so good (like stuffed). I am trying to figure out wther my lymph nodes are swollen i think i can feel them sometimes being little swollen. My doctor said it was low risk exposure and that there is no special need for testing except calming my fears. I would be calmed, but my girlfriend recieved sore throat symptoms and running nose 2 weeks after my incident as well. I love my girlfriend (although admitt it sounds hypocritic after my fiasco with sex worker) and am more scared that i transmitted something to her. She also sometimes now has some itches in her throat wich is highly unusual for her. I kindly ask You to give me an suggestion what to do. I feel that i might destroyed someone else's life because i was stupid and carelss.
I called the sex worker and she told me she is clear and has a regular month std and 3 mont HIV test according to  the law in that country ...but i question myself wether i should really believe to a sex worker.
I should test, shouldn't i?


You did not have a risk for HIV. All your symptoms you are having are unrelated to ARS or HIV. Swollen lymph nodes must be determined by a doctor. If you continue to poke and probe you will cause your lymph nodes to swell.


I agree with Rodney here, you didn't have a risk of hiv infection.

However, there are other sexually transmitted infection that you might have gotten in your throat, such as gonorrhea and chlamydia. It's much more likely that you picked up a common head cold not necessarily related to your sex worker experience. If your throat continues to bother you, see your doctor and have swabs taken.

You did the right thing in using a condom, as condoms have been proven to prevent hiv transmission. Going down on a woman is NOT a risk for hiv infection, but a possibility for other things as I've said.


Thank You RapidRod, and Thank You Ann for making me worry less. I am more afraid that i could have passed virus to my girlfriend than to have it only myself. It is my responsibility if i acted without caution, but she is innocent. I have seen on CDC that there are documented (or reported?) cases of translation via cunnilingus and that risk transmition is even higher if there are additional STD's or menstrual blood involved. Is the risk ratio 0,5 : 10 000 per incidence related to these few documented cases?

Question to Ann: I've understood that you and your partner are practicing also oral sex for longer time and he never got infected. Is it possible that he has an defective version of CCR5 (inherited) so he is more immune to virus??

Based on that is there possibility that there are people more and som people less likely to get HIV transmitted orally ?

Thank You for kind and fast answers

And yes I will get checked for STD's if this throat thing continues.


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