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Lower viral load for Vacc-4x injected patients off ART 1 year

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So if the person already had an undetectable viral load does it mean the vaccine will keep him undetectable indefinitely? I'm basing this off of Common Ground's first comments.

Binor Pharma's most recent news release on the Vacc-4x reboost is here:

The press release summary is:

05.12.2012 - Final Approvals Received for International Study to Reboost Patients From the Completed Vacc-4x Phase II Trial

Approximately 40 Patients Will Participate at 11 Clinics in USA and Europe

News Summary

  * Study design: Open, clinical phase II study, with two Vacc-4x immunizations
    while patients remain on conventional HIV medication (Antiretroviral
    Therapy, ART), followed by up to 16 weeks of treatment interruption

  * Primary endpoints: Changes in viral load compared to the previous study, and
    immune responses to the vaccine

  * Aim of the study: To determine whether a lower viral load level ("set
    point") can be achieved by reboosting previously Vacc-4x vaccinated HIV
    infected patients, indicating a potential for "stair stepping" down viral
    load through "booster" injections

  * Funding from GLOBVAC: Bionor Pharma was awarded NOK 10.48M/US$1.85M from
    Globvac in July 2012, primarily to fund the reboost study

Hrm, It still looks like there's alot more work to do before it can become a viable alternative to HAART.

I pulled a random paper published in lancet to find the statistics on VL in treatment naive patients (4.49 log). A vaccine (or a series/combination of vaccines) would need to show at least a 2.8 log reduction in VL in order to get a treatment naive person down to UD (i.e < 50). But nonetheless, we're inching there. :D

Random Paper:

Math: log1050 = 1.69


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