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Need Info on Epzicom and Reyataz

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Hi all,

I'm about to switch to this regimen....been taking Reyataz/Norvir/Truvada since July of this year, and got my viral load down to 300 range, CD4 up to 546 (from 406) so now I'm able to switch meds...(I've had issues with jaundice for 3 months...bilirubin levels up near 10) doc says that it 's the norvir boosted reyataz causing the yellowing of the eyes and skin, so I'm switching to Epzicom/Reyataz as soon as the HLA test comes back (*hopefully negative*).   I'm hoping that there won't be any issues with the change since the classes of meds are staying the same, but as this is the first time I've changed meds, I'm a little bit nervous nonetheless.  I know that my body is used to Reyataz, but am wondering if switching out the truvada for epzicom will have any effects on me.....

Hello jimbalaya .... sorry I don't get it you switch Truvada for Epzicom to avoid yellowing caused by Reyataz ?
Truvada has NOTHING to do with yellowing. This is not a reason to change.

I'm switching to get off of the norvir-boosted reyataz....the norvir is raising the reyataz levels in my body which causes the bilirubin level to go I'm going to 400mg of reyataz without a booster, and also switching the truvada for epzicom.  The main reason to switch is to take away the boosted reyataz (which is causing the yellowing).  According to my doc once I switch all of the yellowing issues should go away within a couple of days...which I'm pretty psyched about.   :)   


 Hi nycpoz33  ,

                      I was on reyataz/truvada with norvir boost  for 8 years !

   I am now on  Prezista / truvada with norvir   , I feel great .

   I spent 8 years in the bathroom  :-[    Now I can   go out with out fear
 of an accident  .

    I am pink again !   Yellow was not a good color for me   ???

   I would question the use of reyataz now that  Prezista is available .

                                       Best of luck with it ,


Tend to agree with weasel

- matt


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