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Need Info on Epzicom and Reyataz

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My doctor recommended today that I start Epzicom+Reyataz.  I would love feedback from anyone experienced on this particular regimen.  I tried products containing Truvada but it does not agree with my body so my doctor said this is the next step.  Any info on this combo would be appreciated!!!

   Hi , I have been on that combo almost 2 years , excellent results , T cell counts etc ,  very easy to take

I agree with seaspice. Was on that combo but hat to switch Reyataz for Viramune XR after some years due to crystals forming in the kidneys (bloood in urine).

A slight jaundice at the beginning. Elevated Bilirubine during the treatment.

That was it.


I am on it and it was much better than reyataz/truvada which requires a norvir boost. Getting rid of Norvir is great for lessening GI efects. Better for bones too (epzicom over truvada) so I am demonstrating. Go for it.

This combo is working great for me.  I'm probably going to replace Epzicom with the two drugs that are in it to save some money (the two drugs are now available in the US as generics if you take them separately).  But it's great and has fixed all the problems I had with Norvir (Norvir made my cholesterol go up and gave me erectile dysfunction --- hmmm... .... :-) )

good luck to you


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