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:-) My brother just got his latest bloods back


YAY! My brother just got his results back... :) ;D 8)

Still undetectable, and CD4s 384. I realize now, posting this, that I forgot to ask about the other stuff like % and CD8s, etc... but I don't really need to ask for all the other stuff, as he looks fine and is really really doing well. His cholesterol was a little high last time - but this time fine...

When he called me though, I could hear in his voice he was really happy and relieved... His stats have been improving steadily... and his health and energy has really improved... He just got over a chest infection too - which knocked him a bit... And must have been really hard to go through, with the PCP memories...

Thanks again to everyone in these forums for the support, understanding, information, sad bits and laughs. Keep posting - I (we) need you!

This is how it looked then:-

 Happy for him & you! You're a good sis! :)



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