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Should I get tested?


Before I go into the risk factors, I would like to explain why I am asking this question instead of getting a test.

I am on a non immigrant visa and have applied for a green card. I am being told that before my greencard is approved, I would have to take a blood test and would be rejected if I test positive. Meanwhile, if I test positive, I will be deported.

Now for the risk factors, 9 years ago, I was treated in India, in a very small village. I got a bunch of injections and I was later told that the doctor did not sterlize the syringes (He was not using disposable). It was an issue at that time and I think he stopped practising. At that time I did not think much of it, was unaware of HIV and since I did not get sick, I thought it did not affect me. I came to the US around the same time and forgot that incident. My husband (we have been married 2 years and 8 months) is a blood donor and is nagative as of a couple of weeks back. I've had regular check ups and my bloodwork, pap smear etc is normal.

My whole family, brother, parents etc are here and it tears me up wondering whether I will be thrown out. Moreover, if I do have to leave, I would like to spend the maximum time here. I dont know what to do..

It was common in the US when I was young to reuse needles. The needles were held in a glass container with rubbing alcohol. I wouldn't worry about it and if for some reason you would test positive I don't believe you would be deported because your family lives here. There are ways in which someone that is positive can come to the US. I wouldn't worry about it at all, nor would I worry about the testing.

Thank you so much for the reply!
You guys are awesome, not just for people like me, but to people who have tested positive. I have browsed through the forums and you do so much to provide support and make us realize that it is not the end of the worrld. The support and information you give is invaluable.
Yes, my family is here, but they are also on a visa and hope to become residents some day. The exception they give on the greencard application is only if they are citizens.
It is amazing that even just 9 years ago, India was still using reusable syringes, and my ignorance is even worse. No wonder today there is an epidemic there.
One more question, has a yeast infection anything to do with HIV? I thought it was a common thing until I googled it and almost every site had HIV as a possible underlying cause. This is what got me thinking about it as I just got one.

You can't go by signs and symptoms. As you know, you do not have to have HIV to have a yeast infection. Yeast infections are a common occurrence. Yes yeast infections are common with HIV, but no more than any other cause. Yeast infection are no reason to get alarmed or think you are infected. Only a test can tell.

Andy Velez:
Deepa, I have an alternative suggestion for you. Given your concern and the importance of the issue of your status, I suggest you get tested anonymously. That way you will know your status and can deal with it accordingly.

Not incidentally, my expectation is that you are going to test negative, but why worry and wonder any longer, especially with this legal issue hanging over your head.

This is one site which might be helpful to you in getting quick and anonymous testing done.

Good luck and keep us posted.



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