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I had a physical functional test that I was sent to from my ID doc about 6 weeks ago. Didn't really know how well/badly I did until today.
Guess I failed with flying colors! :)
Finally, some objective medical proof!!!
The doc involved was so understanding and supportive. He said that the results of the test and his report would qualify me for disability. It's still a long wait for the ALJ hearing but today's news did wonders for my spirit.

That's great news Mitch!  How long has it been, since you first applied, until now, then until the hearing will happen?

That's great news.  Glad there's finally light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Hope it doesn't appear wrong to congratulate someone for failing at anything, but congrats! ;)

Jeff G:
Congrats Mitch ... in our world of living with HIV a horrible lab result can be a reason to rejoice sometime , bizarre but true .

In all seriousness , I'm sorry you have had to fight so hard for disability , its something you already earned . I hope both the income and diagnosis bring you comfort .


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