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ssdi appeal question...

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Thanks Jeff and britchick,

Your support helps more than you know.

The idea of collecting more medical data for another year is NOT fun.
Life goes on.

I checked online for the current data on approval rates in CT at this stage of the process.

Over 85% approved. :)
Guess it takes a person to person experience for the SSA to get it. ::)

Sorry they're giving you such a hard time Mitch.  It sounds terribly frustrating,  especially when you're not feeling well.

Hope it all works out in the end.  Hang in there.

From what I've read, SSA does not have a lawyer at a disability hearing to disprove someone's disability.  Where you would have one proving your disabilitiy.  Apparently the judge is the one who asks the questions regarding the disability.  I think that really improves chances.  And I believe people who really are disabled are the ones who are willing to get it to that level.  Sorry it's taking so long for you.  Hopefully it will all pay off.


Thanks bman and Betty!

I just found out yesterday that they (SSA) didn't get a report from one of my doctors explaining that I sometimes am too tired and weak in the legs to stand more than 15 minutes. >:(
The report was faxed to them on 1/31/13 and the denial letter was dated 3/28/13.
That one report may have been enough to put me over the top.
Now, possibly due to that screw-up, I've got to wait another year to see a judge.

All of the support helps me keep my determination strong to keep plodding forward. :)

Hey I myself have been on SSI for two years but the standards are about the same.

Social Security will send a representative to the hearing but their task is to see that people receiving it qualify. They won't specifically argue against you. I believe the figures are 60% are turned down the first time but 80% that go to trial are approved.

There was a show on NPR recently that cited the exact numbers and was quite amusing. It talked about that there aren't many jobs out there that were you don't have to stand.

Good luck and here's the link!


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