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ssdi appeal question...

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thanks intaglio.
i tried the congressman route and got a pretty cold shoulder.

i am now seeind a psychiatrist to help document depression, anxiety, fatigue issues and have studied up further on the SSDI detailed requirements which are still kinda vague.

hope by being specific on my appeal by referring to the SSDI "rules" and a doctor to confirm my limitations, we will get past this road block.

what a chore! grrr...


update on my ssdi appeal...

my lawyer got the medical reports from the ssdi to see why i was turned down on the first attempt.
my docs were all helpful EXCEPT the shrink that ssdi sent me to for a "short IQ" test.
a 15 minute visit repeating 4 words, saying 487 in reverse order, and other silly questions made her somehow come to the conclusion that i was able to work. >:(

my current psychiatrist laughed. :)

now it is "sit and wait" to see how they will be responding to my appeal.
so much fun. :P

i just got my 2nd SSDI denial letter this week and enlisted a lawyer at my ASO to review my case and make sure i'm prepared when i go before the judge. i think there's lots of material missing from what SSI has reviewed, and I've had changes in my condition (worse) since the last appeal so my lawyer is hopeful... we shall see...

     Just want to lend my support.....  I am  waiting now for my ALJ Hearing in April and I know how stressful this process can be.  I have found one webisite with lots of helpful info,I can IM it if you like, not many HIV/AIDS cases in thier forums but overall the content has been very informative and helped me understand the process.  And the experts they have can answer your questions.

hey osric and synergy,

thanks for keeping this thread alive.
it is important to so many people (me too).

any help would be SO appreciated!

best of luck (it really should'nt even need luck) to both of you.

seems like the ssdi looks at hiv as a pill popping manageable disease these days.
so frustrating and sad. :(


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