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just worried that i may have to appeal the first "normal" rejection notice from SSDI.

anybody know of any statistics in regard to the success rate of appeals?

feeling kinda rotten lately as well.
probably due to the stress of the process.


Not sure of specific numbers, but know from personal experience the odds of having your appeal approved increase dramatically with legal representation.  If you dont have representation currently, get some immediately.

Without looking up the stats, it seems I remember reading that something like 80% are denied on the first round.  And, somewhere near that on the first appeal.  Most have to go before a judge.  I honestly think they have a quota, purposely trying to deny most in hopes they will give up.  That's just my opinion.  Because, the people who I've known who went before a judge had nothing change in their medical situation.  So, it makes me wonder why they got denied twice, but got it when they went before a judge.  Perhaps the judges have more compassion?  I've read that most who go before a judge are often successful. 

Again, I'm just going on memory here and personal experiences.  I think it also depends on the state you live in.  I know some say it is easier to get here in KY than IN, for example. 

And, I've read that it is very important to have legal representation, when you go before a judge.  Having said that, I know someone who appealed the fee his lawyer got, which was $6,000.  When he got his approval letter, it gave instructions how you could appeal the lawyer fee.  He appealed, because his lawyer didn't do anything.  He got all his medical records--actually going to the doctors and hospitals.  His lawyer met with him once and didn't prep him.  His lawyer did send some assistant on the court date, but he said he did all the talking, while the legal rep just sat there.  So, the judge ordered that his lawyer had to forfeit $3,000 back to him.       


Best wishes with your appeal.Please come back and let us know what happens.Im also appealing in the UK.

Yes it is really stressful but will be worth it.


Check with your ASO.  Mine has a Legal Aid attorney working with them who helps their clients through the application and appeals process.


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