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Tired of Faking my smiles

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Thanks for the replies guys; i know feeling the way i feel right now is probably not the healthiest or something i need to deal with at the moment but i just cant help it.

Yes hes a wonderful guy. I cant even begin to describe how nice he is to me. I never thought of him in a sexual way since i knew that was off limits. But having gone to florida for a month and being away from him and my roomies i realized i had feelings for him. This caused me to see how different our friendship is; yes its strange i guess that he asks me to sleep with him, and how intimate we are with eachother. But he always says im the exception, cause im his " danny-boy".

And no. He is totally straight no doubt about it.
And yes ted. I have never dated, never been on a date or anything like that.

My bedmate is my friend, we share a room and our bed.
So no im not seeing anyone


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