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partner told me he is HIV+

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--- Quote from: brighton33 on September 10, 2012, 02:39:43 PM ---Yeah Mecch, it was a fairly bad idea even for me :)  It would certainly make life less complicated but that's coming from a selfish point of view on my part.

I had a good chat with him this afternoon, he said he'd never put me at risk which is why he never ejaculated during oral.  I told him that I wasn't able to even do that at the moment until my gums have been worked on.  So we will take things slowly in the bedroom department.  He says that he copes really well with everything and that he only has to go to the clinic every 6 months as his body copes well with it.  He said the worst part was the dating side of things and how hard it is to tell people, so I felt a bit guilty about suddenly saying "no oral" but at least things are out in the open on both our sides now.

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He sounds like me. Best of luck to you both.

Hey Brighton - could you check your PM's ?   Its a teeny weeny little link on the left sidebar.  I have some questions for you about your long term tolerance of the PEP meds.  We had some of the same problems after finishing PEP.  I'll shoot you the PM now.  Sorry to hijack your thread.  This is pretty important.


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