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Hi to all,
        I'm not new to the site ( been coming here over 2 years ).  So, I knew this would be the place to post any questions or concerns.  A little background.   I was in a relationship with an Hiv positive man that has since ended.  While in that relationship I engaged in some risky behavior,  so I knew I needed to be tested.  I live in Alabama, and the county in which I live doesn't offer anonymous testing,  so I chose to do a Home Access test.  I did the home access test approximately 14 weeks after the last exposure.  Last exposure was on 4/03/05, tested mid July '05. The results were negative.   At the time I found the results to be conclusive. But lately I've been reading so many conflicting news about testing up to 6 months after last exposure, because a certain percentage of people take longer to seroconvert.   And this has put doubt in my mind if I should've tested at 6 months.

It's been over a year and a half since my last exposure, but for at least the last 6 months or so, I haven't been feeling that well.   I've been very, very fatigued ( which changes from day to day ), recurrent yeast infections ( diagnosed by a doctor ) and constant swollen glands in the neck ( which I've gone to the dr. several times about, and he always attributes it to my sinuses draining ).  I've decided to take another test, preferably the home access because of the anonymity.  But,  I'm sort of worried about the accuracy of them.  I've read that the home access tests are over 99% accurate, but I wanted to know if they are recommended ( by any of the people here ) over getting blood drawn at a clinic, Doctors office, etc.. 

Home HIV tests are reliable. If you had fit in the category to be testing out to 6 months, you would have known. Three months is conclusive and no other testing is needed.

Home Access tests are as reliable as any test you would take in the doctors office.  They use the exact same method of antibody detection, the only difference is that you collect and submit your own blood sample whereas the nurse would normally do this for you at a clinic.  Everything else is the same and the tests are FDA approved so you can be assured of their accuracy.

While i don't think you need another test after having tested negative at 3 months, if having the 6 month test will calm your fears then you should take it.  I suspect it will come out negative again and then you should stop thinking about HIV and try to get to the root of your medical problems.

Additionally you should always be practicing safe sex. If you know your partner is positive or you do not know their status, there is no excuse for not taking the necessary steps to prevent transmission of the virus.  We are all responsible for stopping the spread of HIV...

Thanks for your responses.  I guess I just needed someone to validate that the Home Access tests are legit as the tests you take at a drs. office. 

ScienceGuy25:   I'm really not sitting back worrying myself silly about hiv.  I knew going into the relationship that he was poz and that it was a possibility that I could become infected too.   It was just when I started having the health issues, that I wanted to rule that out.  But, I did go ahead and take another test,  I'll post when I get the results.

You're right about always practicing safe sex.  I guess over time I was thinking more with my heart than with my brain.  And I know that's not an excuse.  I can admit that I made some seriously bad choices.  But, I can honestly say that I  have learned from the whole experience. 

Thanks again


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