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7 year anniversary today


Well it was today 7 years ago I tested poz I had been with the same guy for 10 yrs and thought the test was wrong well it was confirmed..I was scared to death I had just opened my contruction business, I was 32 at the time and caring for a mother with terminal cancer..I was clueless,scared and unsure of my next move..I layed in bed one night and thought it thru and decided this just just a bump in the road and changed my whole wayof thinking..At first I thought I would be dead in a week or month but its a mental thing..Stay strong and get it thri your head to win and beat this disease...My mother passed in Jan 2006 from cancer but Im still here my business is doing great and my health is good..Dont let a recent positive freak you out or cloud your judgement..Focus and think...Ok this is the situation...Step by step plan things..You can live a very normal life, You just have to do things a little differently..When it seems hopeless or overwhelming find a quiet place sit down relax and take a deep breath then another and just take it step by step by day and it will be alright I promise..If anyone EVER needs to talk just let me know Im here 24/7 365..Thanks Chris

Thanks Chris. I recently tested positive and your words made me feel a little bit better. I'm sorry to hear about your mother.

I plan on doing like you said, taking things step by step and rationalizing this thing as much as I can to break it down easier.


you've made it 7 years, here's to many more

.... we have HIV, it does not have US

love & strength for you  8)

Hello Chris,

ONWARD AND UPWARD !! Good to hear from you !!

All the best-----Ray


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