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ADAP Watch List Updates September 2012

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ADAPs with Waiting Lists as of September13, 2012
88 individuals in 6 states

STATEAMOUNTCHANGEFlorida220Georgia00Louisiana**114-56North Carolina0-25South Dakota10+1Virginia00
ADAP September 14th Watch List
**Louisiana has a capped enrollment on their program. This number is a representation of their current unmet need.

My first post in this forum about ADAP was on June 11, 2010 as the second national watch list was near it's beginnings. Although there were only 1,431 people on the list back then, we all watched as the numbers skyrocketed to 9,039 on August 4, 2011 (in part because FL ADAP went totally bankrupt and threw everyone off ADAP for 3 months). It's definitely a welcome relief to see the watch list almost back down to zero.

Thanks to everyone who has been concerned about this crisis and has participated in a rally; signed a petition; written, called, emailed, or visited their State and/or Federal Legislators and officials about ADAP funding. Of course though, the battle isn't totally over. ADAP will still be around for quite some time even after the Affordable Care Act takes full effect.  As ADAP adapts to it's new role, it'll be up to concerned citizens to tackle the newest issue - advocating for Medicaid Expansion to be implemented within their state.

I just wanted to point out that no update for the waiting list watch has come out from NASTAD since Sept 13. Hopefully this is because the last 88 people finally got ADAP coverage after President Obama in July dedicated $80 million to end the ADAP wait lists and so many of the other wait lists were cleared.

another reason to vote for obama.
i have really big doubts that the ADAP programs would survive a Romney/Ryan term.

ADAP is set for renewal in 2013 so everything about Ryan White is under suspect right now. Although it's believed that President Obama will continue to support it (we have no idea what a R/R administration will do; but I imagine the worst!), as long as the ACA remains in place, RW is sure to change in the future. As Medicaid Expansion and the Insurance Exchanges will begin to take care of more and more people, RW will fill in the "trouble spots". This is sure to "weaken" RW but as long as people are getting proper care, whether the money is spent in ACA or the RW plan really shouldn't matter.

Hopefully RW will be renewed as the Medicaid Expansion and Insurance Exchanges are put into place, putting off what to do with the RW program for several years until we know better what it needs to do. ;)

Dang! I spoke/wrote too soon. NASTAD has issued a watch list  - and the count went up a bit.  :(
There are only 3 states with "active" list right now though, and that's good.

ADAPs with Waiting Lists as of October 11, 2012
104 individuals in 5 states

STATEAMOUNTCHANGEFlorida5836Georgia00Louisiana**30-26North Carolina00South Dakota16+6
ADAP October 12th Watch List
**Louisiana has a capped enrollment on their program. This number is a representation of their current unmet need.


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