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ADAP Watch List Updates September 2012

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This is actually an end of August report and it's got some really good news. While the ADAP Watch List is down to only 6 states now, two of those states have a zero count leaving just 4 states maintaining an active ADAP Waiting List!

ADAPs with Waiting Lists as of August 30, 2012
170 individuals in 6 states

STATEAMOUNTCHANGEFlorida22-9Georgia00Louisiana**114-120North Carolina25+16South Dakota9+23Virginia0-275
ADAP September 4th Watch List
**Louisiana has a capped enrollment on their program. This number is a representation of their current unmet need.

IMHO though it's a shame that HIV, and the ADAP wait list still in NC, got no comment in the main speeches at the DNC convention just held in NC. :( At least though HIV got a lot more mention in the Democratic party platform. (see What the Republican and Democratic Party 2012 Platforms say about HIV/AIDS)

These numbers are looking great

Looks awesome! 

One question though:  South Dakota only has 9 people on the list, so how can the number on the waiting list have added 23 people?


--- Quote from: vaguesbleues on September 13, 2012, 06:56:14 PM ---23 people?

--- End quote ---
oops. typo ;)
last update was "+2" for SD;, this update should read:

+3 for South Dakota

thank you for paying attention, and sorry SD for sullying your good name. LOL

I say tanks God.  I'm living in the state of VA where there were nearly a thousand waiting list a year ago.  Now it is ZERO.  Thanks Again.

I am getting my meds from my insurance at my work.  The work situation these days is not that reliable.  I was always wondering what would I do if I lost my job.  Now I know I will be getting the meds from the state Health Dept. 

Do you have any information that they will put new applicants on the meds immediately?  How long it take to be enrolled in the program?  I am feeling now that I am cured of this nasty stuff.   ;D


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