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Tested + last week, really need some guidance on this...

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Thanks! :)

hey lincoln6,
I'm very interested in what your ongoing experience is with this clinical trial. if you feel comfortable doing it, I would definitely dig a thread (maybe in the Living In section) about your experience with being in the trial. Not so much the results and the medical aspect I guess, but what it's like to deal with and how you're handling it.
It's something that was offered to me but I was too freaked out. Maybe your experience has some benefit for the group?


Hey Bloodtype.

I will try and post a few things as I go along :)

For now, I'm happy and pretty shocked actually to report my latest #'s that I got today, from my labs on Oct 16.

My CD4 is 474 and 12% (up from mid 300's and 5%)
and shocking most of all...
VL went from almost 9 million to 8 thousand!!! - in TWO WEEKS.

My next visit is in three weeks so we'll see how things go from here.

Still having some plumbing issues and fatigue, but I also have the flu atm. Some pesky skin issues remaining but getting better. 
Oh and my hair has stopped falling out :)

On the mend!


--- Quote from: lincoln6echo on October 30, 2012, 06:50:05 PM ---On the mend!

--- End quote ---
that's great to hear!! ;) that's a great change and it'll get better yet. :D


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