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I think I'm not supposed to know, but someone accidently dropped the "schizophrenia" bomb on me today. I'm not ok, I'm angry they're not talking with me about this shit. I'm composed and I'll smile and be happy and pretend it's all fine. I'm in the library ripping CDs and thats all I'm going to concretate on for a while.

Who told you and what were the circumstances (were you in someone's office, etc.)?  Why aren't you supposed to know, if that's what your diagnosis is?    I don't blame you for being upset.  But with the right medications, the effects can be lessened and it can be brought under pretty good control.  Hang in there.  I would definitely ask whoever it is is supposed to tell you about it.  I certainly would want to know definitively if that was correct or not.

Sweetness, please ask one of your doctors about this. It could be that this person had their wires crossed or was making assumptions he or she had no business making. You have the right to know your diagnosis and if it's true, they had no right to keep it from you.

Knowledge is power - even when it's not the best news. As Betty mentioned, there are meds that can help you keep this under control, if this is indeed what you're dealing with. 

((((((Growler)))))) hang in there mate! Give Sebastian a hug from me, ok?


It was the community dementia /mental health nurse who was working with the hospital team and  who's coordinating everything that let it slip.. ....I left hospital without a diagnosis just the antipsychotic meds . It came out when I was  being asked for a list of medical conditions by BGF, a HIV foundation she had accompanied me to yesterday.

I feel nothing now, just tired. Not sad, not angry, nothing. I think it's the risperadone. I don't exist anymore.

 A patient once confided to me that she'd been relieved when her adult son had suicided because he wouldn't have to suffer anymore. I  wont be having HIV meds I can't do this, I failed.


Jeff G:

--- Quote from: Growler on September 05, 2012, 03:49:08 PM ---
 I  wont be having HIV meds I can't do this, I failed.


--- End quote ---

Hi Growler , it must be a shock for you to find out information this way , I know it would would be for me if it happened that way . If there is an upside to this maybe its the fact that knowledge is power , so now that you know what you are up against you can find the right medication and tools to deal with it .

You have allot of people here that are sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way . You have been living with this wether you knew it or not , so tough as it may be to except you haven't failed , you have survived . Please try and keep an open mind about taking the doctors advice about treatment and things may improve for you in time . Best of luck !


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