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Great news NYC, we'll have to follow each others progress on this new "wonderdrug"


--- Quote from: buginme2 on February 06, 2013, 02:58:08 AM ---Everyone has "killer t-cells."  CD8 T cells are called "killer T-cells" because they recognize cells that have been infected by viruses, attatch themselves to the infected cell, and kill it.  However, this doesnt work so well with HIV infected cells.

I think the person you met meant to say they were a long term non-progressor.

There are a small group of HIV infected people that can maintain an undetectable viral load without the need for going on medication.  They are called long term non-progressors (or elite controllers).  There is a lot of research going on to determine how these people are able to control their HIV infection on their own.  Hopefully if researchers can figure out exactly how their immune system can control their infection they can benefit everyone else.

So how can you tell if you are a long term non-progressor if you start medication right away?  Well you cant.  However, chances are you are not.  Long term non progressors account for a small amount of patients maybe 1%.  Which means there is a 99% chance that your not one.  Since you had a viral load in the millions, you probably made the right choice starting meds.

--- End quote ---

I have been positive for 18 years with an indictable VL for 15 years with no medications. Three years ago my immune system stopped fighting the virus (according to Physician) and my VL was 5k for a year, 8k for a year and then the whopping 128K in Nov, 2012. However, I just went through the most stressful year of my life, my best friend of 20 years, and first lover committed suicide, my dog of 12 years had to put to sleep, and I had to quit school due to my partners job transfer. I'm not sure how much the stress played in the sudden increase of the VL, but after going on stribild in Jan, 2013 I was UD after 3 weeks, and no side effects.   

im sorry that everything went downhill at once for you, but its great that you didnt have to worry about any complications from the meds and that they worked so well for you! im having pretty good luck with stribild myself. i must admit im jealous you spent so many years without meds living healthily. youre a lucky guy in that regards! hopefully everything will keep on getting better from here on out.

Been on Stribild for almost 2weeks. Mmmm am having non stop gas .. I could probably supply a city lol..... I am having nausea but I am also currently on BACTRIM DS for PCP tx that I was recently hospitalized for... So it may be contributing to the nausea also... My cd4 count was 10 and viral load > 200000 prior to starting tx.... I have been having vivid dreams also and some mild insomnia although that seems to be getting better every night .... The morning after I took my first dose I did vomit a large amt of un digested food but again I should of been a little more conservative with what I ate the night before especially starting a new drug... It does cause dry mouth and extreme thirst which I already suffered from cause I take an SSrI for depression... Go back to ID for follow up labs at the end of month will be interesting to see my progress.... I guess the side effects are mild compared to the alternative that would be death... Not complaining just sharing my experience so far on this drug... And I never was on any other HIV med before


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