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K-Pax Supplements - Personal Experience to Share?



I have been hearing about and researching K-Pax pharmaceutical grade vitamin supplements which claim to be able to raise t-cell counts and also provide more energy in people with HIV.

I understand there was a topic here about this product about 3 years ago but it quickly devolved into a very heated back and forth that I didn't find helpful.

Has anyone tried this supplement for any significant amount of time (6 months or more) that can share with us what benefit, if any, there was from using them? Whether it be energy enhancement or higher t-cell counts?

Again, I really don't want this to become a thread about whether supplements can ever be of any use or not. I understand some people just don't feel they are helpful or necessary. I just want to hear if anyone has any direct, personal experience with these supplements.

Let's please keep this civil...thank you!

I used to take a bunch of vitamins and never really saw any results when I would have my blood work done... then I started taking K-Pax and Colostrum and ditched the individual vitamins and herbs. K-Pax seems to help my body deal with the toxicity of the Atripla more so than without taking it. I still feel nauseated 24/7, but I no longer feel like i'm on the Queen Mary in a hurricane. Still have insomnia like nobody's business but here's why I continue to take it:
06/18/2010 Diagnosed as HIV+ after a routine physical that revealed thrombocytopenia and pancytopenia, additional tests revealed HIV infection
10/05/2010      CD4: 23   VL: 1,500,000
   STARTED Atripla, TMP/SMX (then Mepron), Azithromycin, and Clotrimazole Troches
10/20/2010 - 10/30/2011 HOSPITALIZED with Pneumocystis Pneumonia and CMV Colitis, CMV Hepatitis, Thrush. Was not expected to leave the hospital alive. Started Valgancyclovir for 21 days
11/19/2010   CD4: 182   VL: 560
12/21/2010           223        207
02/01/2011           160        51
03/07/2011           177       53
04/18/2011           158       Undetectable
05/02/2011           188      Undetectable
08/09/2011           314       Undetectable
09/16/2011           148        Undetectable
11/27/2011           315       Undetectable
02/09/2012           283       Undetectable
02/15/2012         STARTED K-PAX
03/30/2012           Adopted a cat (this really helped me, I think)
04/27/2012           496       Undetectable
07/20/2012           430        83
08/24/2012           409        85
09/18/2012           417   Undetectable
10/24/2012      463   Undetectable
Switching to Complera when my Atripla runs out, can't take the nausea and insomnia anymore! Sticking with the K-Pax (for now) and Colostrum.

My partner, after seeing an initial CD4 increase to above the 200 mark (up from 50, but it is 2 years later) is back to a CD4 below 200 with an undetectable VL. My VL has a few hiccups every now and again.

Hope this helps!


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