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Pay-For-Participation Subscription Instructions


POZ Forum Moderators:
To upgrade your POZ Forums account so that you post more than three times in the "Am I Infected" forum, please follow these instructions:

1) Open in a new window (so that you may refer back to these instructions).

2) Float your cursor over “Profile” and click on “Account Settings.”

3) Float your cursor over “Actions” and click on “Paid Subscriptions.”

4) Select the subscription you’d like to order. This is the length of time you will be permitted to actively participate in the “Am I Infected?” Forum; you can always renew if you feel ongoing participation in the "Am I Infected?" Forum is necessary.

5) Review your subscription selection and click “Order with PayPal.”

6) Once on the PayPal website, you’ll be able to make your payment subscription using an existing PayPal account or by creating a new one.

7) Upon completing payment, you’ll be automatically redirected back to the forums.

8.) Your payment should be automated. You will be allowed to participate in the “Am I Infected?” forum for the duration of your selected subscription.

9) Please note the rules of participating in the “Am I Infected?” forum.


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