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Some of us couldn’t help but overhear the vast amount of complaining we have all done lately. Yes, it’s complaining—no matter how we slice it. With those complains, we're just curios, have we accomplished anything?

From what some of us can tell, we've just seen the vast majority of individuals repeat what someone else has already stated. Attempted to put it in English and failed to get down to the basics. We'd like to alert everyday folks and teach them about causes to get them on board, right? Well, we have to put it in English. We have to stop trying to be smarter than the people we received the information from. We have to abide by the same awareness capabilities as the individuals we're trying to reach. If not, we’re just talking to each other.

Do we honestly believe that the majority of folks vote because they truly understand what it is they’re voting for? If we do, then we're more idiotic than those select many who are running to the polls this year. This can be easily understood in the concept of getting rappers and famous people to talk with the “younger crowd” because we obviously failed to get their attention.

How do you think we have failed to get their attention? We might say, “Well, they’re just not educated in that or they aren’t listening.” We might be right about one thing, but folks—they are listening…

Just not to us.

We find these days talking like a college professor with a tenth grade education makes us look smarter. We wonder if anyone knows how special we are because we can use big words with fancy punch-lines.

We fight amongst one another and sadly disagree not because we actually disagree, but to challenge the opponent. Rarely, do we see another person’s principles anything other than a challenge and rarely do we see anyone else as more than just an opponent.

If one of us told you the color of the sky was blue, we could almost predict the other person is going to teach us how to use a color bar and sarcastically inform us that it is an off-blue color. Now, stop for a second, are we doing this to actually teach the other person the color spectrum? Or are we hoping that somebody somewhere will read our comment and think we’re smarter than the average Joe? Oh, and that someone else is dumber than a box of rocks… Does this make us feel better about ourselves? I hope it does, actually, I almost guarantee it does.

This, ladies and gentlemen is why important discussions are left up to governments, scientists, and positions of power to get things done. More importantly, this is one of the prime reasons those everyday people look away from the message boards and cover their ears with familiar music. Understandably, if left up to us, I think you know as well as some of us know—we’d just fight about it. Even if, ladies and gentlemen; we both agreed on the same thing.

So please, take time to understand whats really going on with facts and personal factual experiences. Preferably ones that can be proven without a faith-based benefactor. With this perspective, we can hopefully open the eyes of countless individuals who we have scorned from verbal altercations and erratic behavior. Lets be smart and show science before suggestion.  [/img]


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