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AMG 2013 - Preliminary Site Location Preference - OFFICIAL THREAD

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Miss Philicia:
Santa Fe, New Mexico - August
Pocatello, Idaho (side trips to Grand Teton and Yellowstone)... tired of large city destinations - August
San Juan, Puerto Rico - August

Not sure about my third choice just yet, but otherwise I strongly support Phillicia's picks of:

Sante Fe, New Mexico - August
Pocatello, Idaho - August (for the Grand Teton and Yellowstone trips)

I'd already been talking about Yellowstone with a few on here.  I think it's time to get some Mutha Naytcha up in here.

Miss Philicia:
fyi, Pocatello is a university town and has one gay bar/dance club and even Pride celebrations mid-August. Also, Craters of the Moon.

I also have a native american friend who lives in Fort Hall.   :)

This honestly would be my #1 choice.

Charlotte - anytime
Cleveland - not during the cold months (Nov-Apr)


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